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Weight Loss Diet

Weight loss is a process that involves reducing body weight, typically with the goal of improving health, fitness, and appearance. It’s often achieved through a combination of dietary changes, increased physical activity, and sometimes medical interventions.

Weight Gain Diet

Dietversity helps Weight gain typically involves increasing your calorie intake in a healthy and controlled manner to promote the growth of lean muscle mass and minimize the accumulation of excess fat.

Therupeutic Diet

 Dietversity provides therapeutic diet with  a specialized eating plan that is designed to help manage or treat specific medical conditions. These diets are typically prescribed by healthcare professionals such as doctors, registered dietitians, or nutritionists. The goal of a therapeutic diet is to provide appropriate nutrients, manage symptoms, improve health outcomes.


Childhood Diet

It is important to talk to your doctor or a registered dietitian if you have any concerns about your child’s diet. They can help you create a plan that is right for your child’s individual needs. Dietversity helps for  healthy childhood diet which  important for overall health and well-being. Because It  can help children grow and develop properly, and it can also help them avoid obesity and chronic diseases later in life.

Google Reviews

Tarun Raikhy

I had the privilege of working with an exceptional dietician who helped me shed 7kg in 3 months without compromising on flavourful food. Her personalised approach, delicious meal plans, and emphasis on balance and moderation were instrumental in my success. They provided unwavering support and guidance, achieving milestones and adjusting plans as needed. I'm grateful for their expertise and highly recommend them to anyone seeking a dietician who can help achieve health goals without sacrificing the joy of eating.

Rav Khokhar

Dietversity’s diet has improved my relationship with food significantly. Seema’s personalised diet have really helped with my hypothyroid condition. Along with weight my skin, overall energy has also improved. Seema has a personalised approach to her clients and I would highly recommend her if you are looking to lose weight.

Vipasha Kapoor

I have been overweight since I had my two boys . I tried different diet and they never worked for me and kind of had mindset I would not be able to loose weight as didn’t see scale moving for me. Then I get know about Dietversity and wanted to give it last go. So I contacted them and Seema spoke to me asking me all sorts of questions like medical history what I normally eat etc and she was so good in explaining me that diet she is going to me will work but have to follow it religiously and keep the positive mindset and some small changes in my daily routine.So I started to follow the diet in May and in 4 weeks time I lost 4.5 kilos which for me was like dream come true that scales are going down . I could see the changes in me and everyone started noticing. And so my journey continues. I have subscribed for another 4 week plan with them as I am quite positive that from now on I won’t look back. The best thing about Dietversity ( Seema ) she keeps contacting you share our meals pic and speak to you on regular basis to check how the diet plan is going if there are any concerns.

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